The YO! y21 HD Camera

The YO! y21 personal HD camera is a fantastic device with 8 meg still shot and 1080p / 1080i high quality video capabilities. 3 different field of view angles allow a full 177° fish eye image, a medium 150° or a narrow 128° for a more traditional style video image.

The YO! Y21 includes;

• Waterproof Remote Control
• Waterproof Case up to 60m depth
• LCD TFT Screen
• 5Hr Extra Battery
• Laser Spot Locator


You get lots of accessories as standard with the Y21 HD Camera including waterproof housing, remote control, helmet accessories, flat installation mounts, holder, external adapatable battery, USB cable, AVI cable, sticky pads, 2.5Hr Battery and wrist leash.

Its a complete package ready for you to start recording your extreme sports. A really useful feature of the Y21 is the laser spot locator. Simply set the camera up and point the laser at where you want it to film, then go and stand on the spot and start recording with the remote control. You can even take a still frame using the remote!

How to buy

The YO! y21 personal HD camera is available to purchase through our retailer 1080Sport. You will be taken to their online store to complete your purchase.

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The YO! y21 personal HD camera

With the YO! y21 personal HD camera and all its accessories you can film anything you want to. There is no excuse not to record those memorable moments; underwater, on land or in the air!

A truly versatile camera

The YO! y21 personal HD camera comes with all these accessories

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